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Freshers’ Week Eve

Well it is the day before Freshers’ week begins. For many people (especially if you’ve just moved into halls), I suppose it has all already begun. I’m glad the schedule has been released. I was hoping for some more Give it a Go events to be honest, I am sure events will unfold throughout the week though. My housemates and I headed to the SU today, to get our NUS cards. They are well worth buying, I never got one in the first year, but you save (most of the time) at least 10% so you really do get the money back. Especially as at many places you get more than 10% discount, and freebies sometimes.

I hope everybody who has moved into halls is settling in okay so far. I think, moving into halls was one of the hardest adjustments, for me. I absolutely love living in a student house, but living with people you have never met before requires a lot of changes. I’ve met many people who absolutely loved living in halls and found it one of their best experiences of university. I think it is one of the most important things of university, and definitely part of the student experience.

Personally, I am looking forward to the loan coming in tomorrow. I think (but don’t quote me on this), that you have to be enrolled to get it, so hopefully, as I filled out all the forms in time, and have enrolled, it should be in tomorrow. I have a few essentials on my list I need to get sorted when it’s in: printer ink, writing pads, folders, a bin, T.V license, internet contract, a dictaphone (dissertation data a must this year!) and I’m sure a few more things will crop up. I think my housemates and I are also planning a trip to Asda to get some food in, there are only so many meals you can make without fresh vegetables and meat, until you start to have cravings for proper food!

Anyway, I hope everybody settles in just fine this week. The ‘i’, and the SU are always there for people, as are the student accommodation team. So if anyone has any problems just head to one of those people/groups. And, if people do find it hard, it’s always worth remembering that everything works out just fine in the end.  And make the absolute most of the first year (or second, third or fourth!).



Sorry this post is quite a while after my last. I had a very busy few days before the bank holiday weekend. I then had a mini-break, at my housemates house in Stafford. I was in need of a few days rest, after having a marathon job application day. I know I have being talking quite a bit about writing my CV etc. On Friday though, I walked a whopping 8km going to and from shops and my house, handing out CV and application forms. Needless to say, my fiance and I were knackered by the end of the day. Between the two of us we have got an interview each so far, which is okay seeing as some of the positions haven’t reached their closing dates yet (together we handed out over 30 applications). Furthermore, with the bank holiday a lot of things have been a bit delayed, I think.

In the last couple of days the population of Preston seems to have grown quite a bit. I reckon all of us students are definitely making our way back in preparation for freshers’ week. I’ve begun/began (I never know which one to use, which is awful for an English student!) my readings for my dissertation now, and I am creating mock-up questionnaires, for when I have to collect data. As I see it, the sooner I get these things done, the more time I have to do my work. I know in a few weeks it will all come pouring in at once, so the sooner the better. I’m creating a bit of a mental check list at the moment. I have: enrolled online, done the student finance application, registered for all my modules, sorted out accommodation (easy seeing as it’s the same house), applied for jobs, arranged a meeting with my lecturer. So, I need to: go to my interview, go to my meeting, finish my mock-up questionnaire, do readings, reserve books at the library, and when I get it look at my timetable/schedule for this semester.

I can’t believe how quickly September has come round, I always think ‘I have soo much time to get sorted’. And, now here we are with eleven days until Freshers’ weekend-exciting!

The Curriculum Vitae

I am currently sat (other than writing this blog) making a list of potential companies that I could send my CV too. I am glad that I have returned to Preston before all the other students. It means that I’ve got plenty of time to do readings and apply for jobs before everybody else. So, yes, in the ‘organised’ way, it is definitely a plus. But in the student life way, it isn’t. Preston in the summer, is so far away from what I am used to during term time. There are no-where near as many people, and there is a much stronger ‘family’ and ‘Lancashire’ feel to it. Which is lovely, but it leaves my fiance and I with just us two, doing very, non-student life things, like making sausage and egg, and watching come dine with me. But then again. who’s to say what are ‘studenty things’.

I must admit, before I began university the idea of ‘Student Life’ seemed hell to me. I am so far away from a student who enjoys getting plastered on Fresher’s Week and making the most of 2 for 1 drink offers. I think I can almost safely say, that I cannot stand it. I am much more for a bottle of wine and Sex and the City, or the cinema. There are some bars that I do love in Preston though, and I cannot wait to get back to them, once the loans, and people are in! The Cocktail Factory is one of them, I always think it has a sort of ‘Dorian Gray’ and debaucherous feel to it. But I reckon it is just the amazing cocktails that do it, Mexican Ladyboy is a good one, but they all are. So yes, although I am not one for spending Fresher’s in a drunken state, I am very much looking forward to it all beginning again. I think this year I may do some of the Give it a Go events, I always say I will, and then forget that you have to book them. So this year, I will book them, and I will do them! They are either free, or quite cheap to do, so are a great way to do different things. And, they’re great ways to meet people, other than in bars. Because, until mid last year, I always felt that there wasn’t much to do other than drink for students. But, if you look hard and far enough, there most definitely are things to do.

So, on with the CVing, and job hunting, and making the most of the non-student lifestyle. And looking forward to the employment (hopefully), and the making the most of the student  lifestyle!

The return to Preston

Well, I have finally got around to writing another entry. Late last night, I returned back to Preston, in preparation for my final year as an undergraduate student. Although term doesn’t start back for about another month, I have learnt from past experience, that jobs (and time) come and go pretty quickly once the new semester begins. So I am hoping to get my C.V perfected and circulated before all the jobs get snapped up.

Luckily, my housemates and I have been able to keep on our student house from last year. This has proved to be very helpful, as we have been able to pack away our belongings in our rooms, and leave our things there over the summer. As long as the house is in a safe area, and you know you won’t need your belongings, it’s much easier than trailing boxes to and from your parent’s house. Furthermore, if you are planning on staying in Preston during the summer months, some landlords will offer a reduced rent when it is not term-time. So, with our student house, it has definitely been beneficial to stay in the same spot for the last two years.

So, I began today by heading into town. I was really pleased to come across quite a few useful books in the charity shops. They were mainly related to grammar and discourse etc. There are a few second hand book shops in Preston that are good for academic books (as well as non-academic), so they are always worth having a look in for dictionaries etc.

Anyhow, I then returned home to unpack, and got on with my C.V. I always try and put off doing my C.V, but this year I figured that I hand in my dissertation in April. So, the sooner the better, in relation to jobs! It is pretty daunting, to think that in eight months I will be finishing my undergraduate degree. The last two years have gone so so quickly, and I know this one will be no exception. So, on with the settling in and work (uni preparation and employment) for the time being, until semester one starts back good and proper.

Today, I have set up a blog  (as I am sure you can all see, or should that be read!). This is my first go at blogging, so no doubt it will take me a while to learn the ropes. I have set up the blog to help me practice my writing, and gain a bit of experience in writing for audiences. As a student at UCLan, I am currently studying English Language, so if anybody sees any incorrect usage of grammar or language, then please point it out to me! Anyhow, ttfn.